One of the most celebrated artists on the classical music scene, and winner of the 2003 Sony Music Foundation Prize, Vilem Veverka has, since 2010, also been establishing a reputation as a photographer of some merit. The dominant theme of his photographic work is landscapes, specifically mountains. While acknowledging that strenuous physical effort is often a part of getting the shot, Vilém Veverka prefers to think of himself as an admirer of the silence and solitude to be found in the mountains, rather than a mountain climber per se. Appellatives aside, Mr. Veverka has realized many alpine classics, summited the highest peaks on two continents, the highest mountain in Russia, and photographed mountain tops in Alaska and the Andes.

Also of note are Mr. Veverka’s lectures about photography at high altitudes and in other challenging conditions.

In 2019, Mr. Veverka began a partnership with Sony, whose Alpha7RIII + 7RIV cameras and G Master series lenses, along with Zeiss lenses, he is currently using.

In 2020, Mr. Veverka will be presenting a solo exhibit of his photographs titled My Arctic Year.